Wood, chipboard, acrylic paint, stereo, loudspeakers, steam engine, strobo-light, heat blower

210 x 141 x 222 cm



Different kinds of panic disorders and anxiety have become more common nowadays because of the complexity of the world today. One reason for this might be the changes and pressures that appear in our social constructions.

One thing is for sure: the modern man suffers from stress more than ever before in mankind’s history.

The installation is a two meter high black cube which is made of wood and chipboard. There is only one way in to the narrow space which is surrounded by four loudspeakers repeating disturbing and cacophony noise. At the same time smoke and heat comes from the walls inside the box.

The viewer will be exposed to all that smoke, heat and noise. With this I wanted to show how many senses panic attack affects in you. The panic attack is such an overall experience that it can’t be located just with one sense.